Heart opening, Video tutorial

Ana Hata Vest


Hello my sweet Friends,

How are things Your way, love? I have been working like a bee and I enjoy every bit of it. Every day is such a great opportunity to wake and share my love, my passion to the world. I really do love to use the internet as my medium. I feel like there are so much more to share in this big world wide web!

Also, this morning I started my first vlog on Facebook! Yes, I love to use Facebook more and more because it’s easy for me to film directly from my phone and share my message with You.

So feel free to connect with me there every single day 🙂

Now, I just published my new video tutorial on my youtube.

I really love this Flower of Life Vest and I hope You do too. So for those who are afraid that it’s gonna be too complicated, You now can just watch the video and follow along with the pattern that You bought from me.

This time the video I am not offer a free written pattern, rather I would like to ask You to support me by purchasing this pattern on my Ravelry so I can continue to create more to share with You. If You want to purchase the pattern and like to use the coupon code to get 50% off on this pattern, code is NOW and this code valid from today – the next 48 hours. You can get in here.

Alright, beautiful souls. I gonna continue my project and have to start to prepare for the dinner very soon.

Let me know in the comment below if You love this pattern as much as I do?

Much love,