Heart opening, Winter Magic

Winter Magic

Snow Snow Snowing…… brrrrrrreeee…..

Today, we have lots of snow here and it’s so beautiful! I love how everything turns white and the air is super fresh. Yes, cold especially if I only wear this sweater alone for longer than 30 minute omm… 20 minute 😉 but as soon as I come inside the house it feels great. I think, sometimes we just need the coldness so that the body starts to heat up more from the inside and if we don’t think so much about the cold, rather enjoy the snowflake then being outside with the snow can be so much fun.

I remembered my first time seeing the snow! It felt so magical! Really! For all my life I was imagining how does snow feels and now I can feel it, taste it in my mouth.

Winter is really magic! It inspires me to create this beautiful sweater. You might ask why it’s so short? Well, I ran out of yarn but I kind of like it this way too. This is Sugar Baby Alpaca from Wool and the Gang and they are offering 15% off on this specific yarn for my readers (You) so go ahead to their site and use the coupon code to get 15% off!

Coupon code: CROCHETTRIBE15

I have uploaded the short video on YouTube so You can see this sweater better and all info about the yarn also in the description box below the video. If You have any questions, feel free to contact me.

So, what is Your favorite thing to make in Winter?

Stay warm beauties!

See You later


2 thoughts on “Winter Magic

  1. This sweater looks as fluffy as snow! I can’t wait to make my very own. 😊 I would love to know, though, if there’s a vegan alternative you would recommend as a material for this project. Much love ❤🐳

    1. Hi Jeremy,
      Nice to hear that You are excited about this sweater. Well, You can substitute this yarn with any yarn that is fingering 4ply. I’m uploading the video tutorial of Part 1 tonight on Patreon site and will go public tomorrow on my Youtube channel and of course free written pattern here. 😉

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