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Why crochet hook is important

Why the right crochet hook is so important? Well, if You are like me that addicted to crochet, then You will know the wrong hook will cause You lots of pain.

I crochet everyday when I have free time, yet crochet is my passion and not only my job. Beside working as a life coach at Maya EarthSky , crochet is my way to express myself and the creative muse in me. I can say that I crochet about 5 hours/day and sometimes more when I design something new and for me the right hook is the key.

I have a love affair with wooden hook and trying to conceive myself that is the best hook ever!

But in reality the wooden hook hurt my hand like h-ll! I just love the classic look and the organic feeling of holding it in my hand. Although, the best hook for me is Tulip! Really, Tulip is the best working partner so far! I have bought so many hooks in the past. I tried the classic one, colorful one from Amazon, just because I love the appearance. They do not hurt my hand, but they are not as smooth as my Tulip! ahahahahah I love my golden hook! I feel like, I crochet much faster with Tulip hook.

Tulip golden hooks image found on google

I bought a set from Amazon, and it came with golden scissor, which I lost it at the airport checkpoint in Cambodia lil… So, I bought a few scissors online and also I found the vintage golden one in Thailand earlier this year. I love scissor 🙂

What is Your favorite crochet hook? And why?


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4 thoughts on “Why crochet hook is important

  1. I agree hook is very important
    I had to stop for a long time because I was using metal
    Hooks. I’m now using Tulip
    As well and it’s great and doesn’t hurt my hands.

  2. I have many hooks from my grandmother and great grandmother and mom, but I use the Boye ones with the cushion grip or the little round ball one that you can fit other crochet hooks inside adjusting the fit with those rubber stoppers. I will check these Tulips out…Christmas is coming, I will tell my kids!! lol

    1. Yeah, I do love Tulip very much. The golden hook makes magic!
      So nice to have You here. Don’t forget to sign up to get notified when the new post is up.

      Happy crocheting


    2. I have heard about Boye hook and would also to give it a try. I think, the hook that has passed on from generation to generation holds the great spirit. My Mom used to crocheted a lot, but not anymore. I wish I do have the hook from her.

      Much love


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