Crochet WIP, Fall collection 2017, Heart opening

No one is PERFECT!

After I have shared the video tutorial of SHE top to my Patrons last night, I realized that I was speaking BPdc (back post double crochet) while I was doing FPdc (front post double crochet) and FBdc while I was doing BPdc! I didn’t think that I was saying wrong because I literally believe that way but after I’ve checked with some people, I found out that I was misunderstanding it for all these years! I guess, when I just do it for myself it’s ok, but when I sharing with others then I have to make sure that I call it the same name lol

So I decided to make another piece, this way I can track down all details and make sure that I take enough photos to walk You through.

I love this design so much. It’s so much fun to work with it. The first one in clay color, I used hook size 7mm but the second one I’m using hook size 8mm and I like the tension of 8mm better. The piece it’s softer as well but I guess, I will have to wear something underneath this top as the holes between stitches become bigger as well. I hope to finish this top tomorrow night.

For those who have applied to test this top for me and haven’t sent me the size that You want to make, please message me again with the size that You prefer. I will pick 4 of You to test this top, however if You are not the one of them this time. You can sign up to my mailing list (if You are not already) to get 20% off coupon code to use on my Ravelry pattern shop when I release this pattern. For those who have already signed up, watch out the email from this post as I will attach the coupon code for You there.

The video tutorial of this top will be available on my YouTube channel on this Saturday coming. If You want to access now, You can choose to become my Patron that start from 1$ per month and unlock this video tutorial now. You can study about Patreon site and listen to Your heart if You want to support me to continue to share my crochet passion with You and to be part of our community, so we can grow together as a big crochet family. I am active there every day. I also share the working process photos through my day. Video behind the scenes, questions, and answers.

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Oh… it’s late again. Time for me to go to bed now..

See You later 😉