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Hello 2018

Wow, we are finally standing, dancing in 2018! How amazing! I love number 8! To me, it’s feel like the infinity realm of creation, the space to expand our gift, passion for life.

There are so many things I would love to do during the time visiting the Earth, except that 24 hours seem not enough but in a way it is good, otherwise, I will be working non-stop hahahaha

This morning I take a moment to film a short video to say hello with my peeps, YOU! My crochet family, also those who have encountered along the way last year and years before.

There are many things I want to share with You about my crochet journey and want to be honest about creating this space because this is where I call home. A place that I can share my work and also myself as a being, a creator behind all these creations. It has been exactly one year since I published my first video tutorial of my top on Youtube. Do You remember this top?

I remember when I received the first comment, how much You love this top at that very moment I know I want to share more and more of my design to the world. It feels amazing to be able to connect with many people through what I love to do and able to see pieces that You made out of my video.

Video after video, I tried my very best to explain with my poor English 😉 and from there I grow more and more each day. So much I’ve learned over a year. So many encourage words from those who really love to connect with me. So many hard times to deal with hatred as well but all the good and the difficulties become my precious lessons. In the end, all of You are my teachers. The love ones and the one who doesn’t like me. I do my best to not take it personal and keep learning and growing in my own way.

It’s now 3 months since I closed my online store, which was the main income of my work by selling my finished pieces for the hope that I can live from selling the written patterns and the support through Patreon site so that I would have all the time to film the video tutorial to share on Youtube since I really do love to teach. And yes, I do receive the money from Youtube because most of my videos are monetized. I received 0.50¢ – 1$/1,000 views which are far from enough to live from it.

After many hours, days, weeks of research on how can I make a living from my passion/crochet and still be able to share my pattern for free for those who are not yet able to purchase them. I came across crochet blogs and have talked to some of them asking them honestly how can they live by doing that because I really would love to be able to share all for free and able to have food on the table and enough to travel. The answer is that I need to work hard and it will take years to be able to live from sharing free crochet patterns on the blog from advertisement company rather than rely on selling the patterns.  At the moment, I can’t really do that but I am finding the solution because deep in my heart I do believe that my decision of sharing free patterns on my blog is the right decision to do, because it makes me happy.

What do You think would be a good solution? I would love to hear from You and what is Your thought about my situation?

There will be no more Patreon after the 5th of January.  There are many wonderful supporters, friends on Patreon but there are also those who only there to access the contents and left before the due date. I do not want to talk about it anymore because I have let it go already.

Another reason of leaving Patreon is because I am living to India on Thursday coming and I do not feel comfortable to let people paying me when I don’t know when can I create the pattern to share. I want to be fair to everyone, and of course to myself.

I feel like it is a good time for me to take a time just for myself, meditate, open and receive. I feel a strong call to go to India. I do need to go out of my comfort zone and get in touch with the adventure, the unknown.

I know that many of You are here not only for a free pattern but to get to know the person behind the scene, me. Which I am grateful for such an opportunity to have this space to connect, to share and to receive love from You. But if You are not one of them and only want to be here for the pattern. I then would suggest You leave, unsubscribe to my mailing list if You want.

I receive the email yesterday, saying that my post is annoying when I post about my day, rather than a free pattern.

Again, this is my cyber home. I am creating my tribe, a crochet family. I wish to have only those who share the same quality here. And I do understand if You are not here to get to know me, You don’t have to. I can’t please everyone and I do not want to. There are so many crochet blogs out there that only concentrate on sharing free written patterns.

What if giving is our nature?

What if each one of us concentrates on what we can give and share to one another, rather than how much can I get? I think this way we can start to create a new world. Where greed has no space to fit in. This way we all would be able to live with what we love. This way we then able to create a beautiful family, community-based on love rather than fear of not having enough.

My decision/solution

I am still continuing to share the written patterns because I can’t stop, I just can’t. It is priceless to know that I can share my gift with You. However, I will need to publish the new release pattern on my pattern stores Ravelry & Etsy and for the free version will be shared here when another new one has released. I feel this is fair to the spirit in me. The energy needs to circulate for a great balanced, a momentum of love.

What do You think? Let me know in the comment below, so I know that I am not talking to myself here 🙂

Ps. This top will need to improve before I can really write the pattern down. At the moment, I don’t have space and time because I am traveling soon.

Hope You will still be here with me.




16 thoughts on “Hello 2018

  1. Maya! You are amazingly talented and your spirit has become my muse! I think you should share your patterns in the way that you want, what ever feels right in your soul! You have to be able to support your self!! I personally enjoy your post about your life!! You have beautiful spirit! I don’t have any friends who crochet so your videos, even just about your day or your life make me feel like i have a friend who crochets! It’s wonderful that you let us into your world! Thank you!!❤❤❤❤

  2. Maya this is a great solitions. I think you are a beautiful spirit. Watching your videos and reading your post is like hanging out with a crocheting sister/friend.

  3. I have been following you since your first video and I love your bravery and your talent. I wish I spoke more than one language. Push out the negativity and embrace the positive. It is one of the drawbacks as well as the benefits of social media and the internet. You are strong and beautiful, follow your heart always. Thank you for allowing me to follow your journey.

  4. I love supporting you on Patreon because even if I don’t have time to create I love watching you do it. I’m happy to offer support regardless of whether you provide patterns or not. I see a beautiful artist and want to see more of that beauty in the world.

  5. Wherever we go there are people that don’t seem to understand, their minds only exist on the superficial and that is their problem only. I’m sure there is plenty of people that are grateful for your creations free or not.
    Have an amazing journey in India, I’ll be following your blog to see how things go.

  6. I love your blog! It doesn’t matter if you post a pattern or about your day. I actually love the posts about you and your day because it is inspiration for me to evolve to be a better version of me! The patterns are a happy bonus! I found you through a pin someone posted on Pinterest and found you on YouTube, and it just went from there. I will be looking foward to reading about your trip and hope you stay safe!

  7. Maya, I love your inspiration and find your videos very relaxing to listen to while I crochet, its lovely to hear a more quiet and slow, calming spiritual approach, it really is a refreshing change. Also our crochet world needs creative spirits like you, it makes a difference. I can’t wait to hear about your journey in India, and all the inspiration you’ll find there and share.
    You do what you feel is right for you with your patterns, go with your gut instinct!!
    Look forward to sharing with you, your crochet journey, lots of love 🙂 x

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