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Gypsy Kimino ~ Woodland Cardigan, Gather the materials! (Part 1)

Since I am going away for a few days. I thought it would be nice to tell You what yarn have I used to create this beauty. So when I release the pattern, You can start it right the way.

I have used the yarns in the list below to create size xs,s for myself. You will have to calculate for Your size. Make sure You order 1 or 2 skeins more than what You think You would need. You will always find the use of it later on.

  • Paintbox 6 skeins no. 610
  • Alize Aura 1 skein no. 07
  • Alize Bella almost 2 skeins no. 5559
  • Rico creative cotton 2 skeins no.77
  • Alize Diva Batik ½ skein no. 5550
  • Record 210 1 ½ skeins no. 0234

You will also need the hook size 6mm. and 8mm. scissors, yarn needle and measurement tape (optional)

You can purchase yarn from love crochet dot come using this link they do offer a discount on many products at the moment. They ship worldwide, so make sure You scroll down the page and choose the country that You want the company to ship to.

For Alize Aura, Alize Bella, Alize Diva Batik, I got the yarn from Etsy shop, You can use my coupon code MAYALUNA15 to get 15% off all Your order.

For the first 2 pieces at the front, I used the yarns above!

The yarns ran out and I found this yarn in my house, so I used it in at the back part, combined with Paintbox.

I decided to add the pocket, using Record 210 color mixed with Alize Diva Batik and Alize Bella. I only add one pocket, but in the video, I show how I do it and You can add more pockets 😉

So get these yarns and wait for my return. I will be sharing with You the video tutorial and written pattern in a coming week.

See You soon!


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2 thoughts on “Gypsy Kimino ~ Woodland Cardigan, Gather the materials! (Part 1)

  1. Please help. I live in Australia and we seem to call yarn different terms so if you could help me I’d be sooo happy as I’m dying to do this for my daughter but these are the problems.
    When you say Skeins do you mean balls ?
    I’m having so much trouble to buy any of the Aliza yarns where else besides the Etsy shop would I look ?

    1. Dear Shirley, Yes skeins mean balls 😉 You can use a coupon code for purchasing Alize yarns from Etsy shop that I provide in the blog post.

      I reckon You to subscribe to my blog post, so You will receive the notification everytime I post a new story.

      Enjoy and post the photo of the finished piece on our Facebook group or on my Pinterest board (I will create one that everyone can post).

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