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Free written pattern Kitha

Hi Friends,

I hope You all doing well and enjoy the weekend and the holiday season. I feel like everywhere I go, there are so many people running around shopping. Many are preparing the present, gifts for their beloved ones. It’s nice to see that but also witness some people are really stressed about it and the holiday season becomes a nightmare for them because they feel the need to give and also getting nervous of the expectation from the family. This kind of mindset makes the holiday not so cheerful anymore. I wish that we all can just relax and allow the holiday shower us with the joy of spending time together with our beloved one, rather than trying to please one another. The gift shouldn’t be the main thing of the holiday season. The gift should come out from the peaceful state of mind. Especially, when it comes to creating something with our hands. I find it’s important to do it with love and not the must. Because everything we touch carries our energies, feelings, thoughts and we all want to give out the best in us. So I think, it is important to do it in such manner.

And in case, You would like to make this top for Yourself as a gift because You are so AWESOME! Or for the ones You love. You can just do it with no cost as I want to present You 🙂

I love this design as it not only easy to do but the stitch of this design is so pretty as well, don’t You think?

Below is the written pattern that I share for free here. I try to add as much as images as possible so that You will understand everything. If You prefer ad-free and downloadable pdf format of 23 pages step by step with more of HD quality images to walk You through, You can purchase on my Ravelry or Etsy

So let start on the material used for this project, shall we!

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

Crochet terminology: US


  • 50% cotton 50% Acrylic from Yarn & colors Fabulous color 008 Teak 50g/57m/62yd weight 5, I used up 3 skeins and color 003 Ecru I used 5 skeins for size xs = total of 8 skeins
  • Crochet hook 7mm & 8mm
  • Scissors & yarn needle, some stitch marker


  • XS – 34A,32B,34B,30C
  • S – 36A,38A,36B,32C,34C,30D,32D,30DD
  • M – 40A,38B,40B,36C,34D,32DD,34DD,30DDD,32DDD
  • L – 38C,40C,36D,38D,40D,36DD,34DDD
  • XL – 38DD,40DD,36DDD,38DDD,40DDD

Stitch used & code

  • Ch = chain
  • St = stitch
  • Sc = single crochet
  • Hdc = half double crochet
  • Dc = double crochet
  • BPdc = Back post double crochet: Yo, insert hook from back to front to back again around the post of designated st, yo, draw yarn through, (yo, draw yarn through 2 loops on hook) twice.
  • Sk = skip
  • Rep = repeat


10 stitches & 7 rows = 10cm

Different sizes follow different colors theme below!

Size xs, s, m, l, xl

I have started with color 008 Teak with hook 8mm

Start with ch80 + 1, ch88 + 1, ch96 + 1, ch104 + 1, ch112 + 1

Above are only the approximate of the average sizes.

Note: This pattern can be modify in any sizes by start with the multiple of 2 + 1

Tip: By ch multiple of 2 as long as it can wrap around the part of the length of Your top to be. For example mine one is just right around my hip (the bottom of the top).

R.1 – sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn or slip st to create the ring (I haven’t slip st here but I will do in the 4th row).

R.2 – ch2 (count as dc), sk first sc, *sc in next sc, dc in next sc; rep from* across, turn or slip st

R.3 – ch2, if the first st is sc then sc on top of sc from previous row, if the first st is dc then BPdc around it, *sc on top of sc, BPdc around dc from previous row**, rep*-** across, turn or slip st

R.4 – ch2, if the first st is sc then sc on top of sc from previous row, if the first st is dc then dc on top of dc from previous row, *sc on top of sc, dc on top of dc**, rep*-** across, slip st (I did sl st in this row).

Repeat R.3 and R.4 for the pattern

I have made total of 6” inches of color 008 Teak

Changing color (optional) + Decreasing rows

Here I change color to color 003 Ecru with hook 7mm (from now use only hook 7mm until finish.)

The first row continue normally by following the pattern above, start to decreasing 2sts anywhere in the second rows and 4th row by skipping the st. After the decreasing for size xs You will have in this point 76sts,84sts,92sts,100sts,108sts continue by following the pattern above until Your top arrive right above Your breast.

My one is about 6” inches of color 003 Ecru

When You got the length of Your desire, ch1 cut the yarn

Now find the middle part and decide where You want the top to be front and back.

Front part (chest)

Find the middle part of the front, split the number below into half. For example size xs is 30st, count on the left 15st then add the st marker, count on the right 15st and add another st marker

Size xs, s, m, l, xl

30st, 34st, 38st, 42st, 46st

Keep adding more number for bigger sizes

***sl kn in where You have the st marker, start with ch2, follow the pattern above. Check Your last row, if the last row is the pattern of row3 then continue row 4 here, but if the last row is row4, here will be the rep of row3 and keep repeating the pattern just like before.***

I have made 13 rows total of 5” inches

Make less row if You want the neckline to be lower than mine one. Suggestion of 11 rows.

Creating the neck area

R.1 – ch2 (count as hdc), 1hdc in each of next 4ch,6ch,8ch,10ch,12ch, 1sc in next of 20ch, 1hdc in each of next 5ch,7ch,9ch,11ch,13ch, turn

R.2 – ch3 (count as dc),  1dc in each of next 4ch,6ch,8ch,10ch,12ch, 1sc in next of 20ch, 1dc in each of next 5ch,7ch,9ch,11ch,13ch (last in 3rd ch of turning ch), turn

R.3 rep R.2

R.4 – ch3 (count as dc), sk 1ch, 1dc in each of next 4ch,6ch,8ch,10ch,12ch, ch25, sk 20ch, 1dc in each of next 5ch,7ch,9ch,11ch,13ch,turn

R.5 – ch3 (count as dc), 1dc in each of the next 34ch,38ch,42ch,46ch,50ch, 2dc in the last ch, turn

R.6 – ch1, 1sc in each st across, turn

R.7 – ch2 (count as dc), sk first sc, *sc in next sc, dc in next sc; rep from* across, turn

R.8 – ch1, *1sc in first ch (make sure the st below from previous row is sc), BPdc in next ch (below of this st should be dc), rep* across, turn

R.9 – ch2, sk 1ch, *1sc in next ch, 1dc in next ch, rep* across, turn

R.10 – ch2, sk 1ch, *BPdc in next ch, 1dc in next ch, reP* across, turn

Rep R.9 and R.10 for another 7 rows or more if need it.

I stopped at the R.17 and I sl st to connect the back part together.

Suggestion length at the back 17Rows,19Rows,21Rows,23Rows,25Rows

When You’ve done, weave in all the excess yarns and try it on 🙂

Here is my one 😉

Hope You like this design and if You want to share Your finished piece with me and other crocheters in our crochet community group on Facebook You are most welcome. You can also post the questions if You may have about this pattern in the group and I will help You out. Just make sure You have answered the questions before joining the group. (You will find the questions when You request to join the group.)

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Alright my ladies, enjoy and see You next time!