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Free written pattern Gypsy Kimino ~ Woodland Cardigan

So as promised. I’ve finished the written pattern of this beauty today. I quite proud of myself to design such a big piece in a short time and most of all, it is a beginner friendly Gypsy Kimino.

I am now finding the way to share some of my written patterns with You for free on my blog. Scroll down the page to view how to make this beauty. Although the free version is not for download and if You want an ad-free and downloadable version with full step by step photos, You can find it on my Ravelry or Etsy

Skill level: Advanced Beginner

Size: xs-xl


  • Paintbox 6 skeins no. 610, Alize Aura 1 skein no. 07, Alize Bella almost 2 skeins no. 5559, Rico creative cotton 2 skeins no.77, Alize Diva Batik ½ skein no. 5550, Record 210 1 ½ skeins no. 0234

Purchase Paintbox and Rico yarn

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  • Crochet hook 6 mm and 8mm(for the pocket, optional)
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors & yarn needle
  • Measurement tape (optional)

Stitch used & code

  • Ch = chain
  • St = stitch
  • Sk = skip
  • Dc = Double crochet
  • Tr = Triple crochet
  • Rep = repeat

This design made out of 3 pieces. 2 pieces at the front and 1 at the back, which combines the 2 pieces together.

The first piece

Make ch of the multiple of 4 + 3


Xs,s – 40 + 3

S,m – 60 + 3

L – 80 + 3

Xl – 100 + 3

This is an approximate measurement, please feel free to modify to fit Your body’s size.

R.1 – dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each ch across, turn

R.2 – ch4 (count as dc, ch1), sk first 2dc, *dc in next dc, ch1, sk next dc; rep from* across to turning ch, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch, turn

R.3 – ch3 (count as dc), *dc in next ch-1 space, dc in next dc; rep from* across ending with last dc in 3rd ch of turning ch, turn

R.4-5: rep R.2-3

R.6 – ch2, sk first 2dc, dc in next dc, ch3, 3dc around the post of last dc made, *sk next 3dc, dc in next dc, ch3, 3dc around the post of last dc made; rep from* across to within last 2sts, sk next dc, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch (red arrow), turn

R.7 – ch4 (count as tr), *sk next 4dc, dc in top of next ch-3 loop, ch3, 3dc around the post of last dc made; rep from* across to turning ch, tr in 2nd ch of turning ch, turn

R.8 – ch4, (count as dc, ch1), *sk next 4dc, sc in top of next ch-3 loop**, ch3; rep from* across, ending last rep at **, ch1, dc in 4th ch of turning ch, turn

R.9 – ch3 (count as dc), dc in next ch-1 space, *dc in next sc, 3dc in next ch-3 loop; rep from* across to last ch-3 loop, dc in next sc, dc in ch-1 space of turning ch, dc in 3rd ch of turning ch, turn

Rep R.2-9 for pattern

I’ve changed the color here.

I’ve made 5 times of the pattern. You can make shorter or longer as You wish.

The second piece

Rep the same steps to create another identical piece. DO NOT CUT THE YARN FROM THE 2RD PIECE

When You got 2 pieces, we will connect both pieces together and create the last piece, which is the back part.

The back part

To connect, continue from the 2nd piece with 1dc in each st across, connect the other piece with 1dc and continue to add 1dc in each st across the other side (purple arrow)

Rep R.2-9 for the pattern at the back as long as You need.

I’ve finished my last row at the R.7

Create the arm holes

Find the shoulder part, fold Your work. From the shoulder, measure down approximately of 10” inches, sk that 10” inches and sew the rest of the piece, back and front downward to close the side body. I sk the last 8 rows to have it open.

Rep the same steps, the other side.

Neckline (optional)

I did sc in the middle of the neckline.


A pocket (optional)

I crochet 7 rows of 17dc (each row) to created the square. Then I sew it at the front to create the pocket.

And voila! You are done!

Sew in all the excess yarns and put it on 😉

I hope You enjoy this Gypsy Kimino – Woodland Cardigan. Let me know what do You think about it 😉

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See You later 🙂


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