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Fairy-Ista Socks (wip) + Yarn used & tools

Since I returned home I got inspired by the cozy weather outside my door. Living near the forest, I have a chance to witness the leaves dance outside my window every time I look out and that it kind of inspire me to create this whimsical socks.

I really do love the gentle colors of this yarn. This is Lana Grossa Elastico print I got them online here in Germany. I did some research for You on love crochet dot come since they offer lots of discount on many brands. But I only found Lana Grossa Elastico which I believe it’s the same weight.

To make this socks, You will need; sport/5ply/12wpi/fine yarn. I choose Lana Grossa Elastico Print. Crochet hooks: 3.75mm & 4mm. Yarn needle, Stitch markers and a pair of scissors.

Btw, I kind of love the simple, basic Susan Bates hook 🙂 First, I thought it would be hard to use it, in fact, I like it a lot. It’s really proving me that, I should never judge what I have never tried.

I wear socks size 37 and I have used about 1 skein for one side. So to complete this project on my size, I would need 2 skeins of yarn. I also find it become loose after a day of wearing one side of the sock 😂😂😂 so the measurement/pattern of this will be able to fit from size 37 – 39 easily, since is adjustable with the corset/crisscrossing as You see in the images. Oh, I actually used another yarn for the crisscrossing strap. I will take some photos and share with You together when the pattern is finally finished.

This is my first time writing the socks pattern. I was asking myself; “How can I go on about the sizing? Then the answer pop-up. Well, if I can make the bra sizing, I can also do the socks 😂😂😂 so this is what I am doing right now. It takes a bit time as I also filming it as well. I normally send out the written pattern to my Patrons to test for me, but this time I will also open for more testers and if You want to be one of the testers of this pattern then comment below by answer these questions.

  • How long have You been crocheting?
  • What is the size of Your socks?
  • And if You are one of the chosen ones, how long do You need to accomplish this Fairy-Ista socks?
  • Do You have these yarn in hands? If not how long does it take to get the yarn ready?
  • Have You sign-up to receive the update on my blog yet? If not would You consider to be part of our tribe?

I will be choosing 3 – 5 testers from the comments before my next blog post. and will send out the pattern to You as soon as it’s done. Which I guess, it will be ready in a couple days.

Hope You like my new design, leave Your comment and share Your thoughts even though You are not interested to be one of the testers, I still want to hear from You.

See You later 😍


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10 thoughts on “Fairy-Ista Socks (wip) + Yarn used & tools

  1. Hey Maya I love your work! I follow a few of your Instagrams and you are truly inspirational! My name is Alora, I have been crocheting for about 3 years. I like to make blankets and clothing. I am a US shoe size of 8, not sure of my sock size yet. I do not have your exact yarn in my stash but I have quite a large stash and could easily find something comparable. I could probably have this pattern tested in about a week and a half if I am lucky enough to be chosen. (: I wish you peace and blessings on all your endeavors. Namaste Maya .

  2. Hola Maya, te he descubierto recientemente por instagram, me fascinan tus creaciones y tu creatividad. Mi número de calcetín es un 38 europeo, uno más que el tuyo. Llevo tejiendo hace 18 años, hago alfombras a crochet, bolsos, gorros, bufandas y una manta etc… Podría tener tejidos tus calcetines en 3 a 4 días, ese mismo hilo no tengo pero lo puedo pedir ya que es precioso.
    Un saludo

  3. I’ve been crocheting for 4 years.

    My sock size is a 4-6

    I can complete this very quickly.

    I have the yarn on hand.

    I have sugned up! 😊😊😊

  4. hi there
    I was taught to crochet 5 years ago and absolutely fell in love with it.

    my sock size is 38

    I can get the yarn within a day.

    I have signed up

  5. Hola Maya, te he descubierto recientemente y quiero decirte que me vuelven loca tus creaciones, tus proyectos, tu creatividad.
    Respecto a mi, llevo tejiendo a crochet desde niña, mi abuela y mis hermanas tejían, llevo 20 años, soy joven todavía 😂, tardaría en tejer los calcetines 3 días y mi número de calcetín es 38 europeo, el hilo no lo tengo, pero lo pido online.
    Un saludo muy cordial.

  6. Hey Maya! I would love to test another one of your patterns for you! I have all the materials on hand already ♡♡ I have been crocheting for something like 12 years now, and I wear a US size 9 shoe/sock so I think that is the same as a 39-40. I would only need a day or two to finish this project ♡

  7. Hi maya You know me, Em, long time follower and lover Of you and your beautiful mind! Sock size is a U.S 6/7, would be able to complete this quickly as soon as I order the yarn which is tonight 😍 wil recieve the yarn in A few days. I have been crocheting for 7 years.. I am subscribed !

  8. Hey mate!
    I’ve been crocheting for 2 years, I taught myself off you tube videos and once I got used to it, fell in I am a size 4 to 6 in socks (little feet! ) and would need little time to create this!I already have the yarn and I’ve already been signed up for your blog!!I hope I can test these beautiful socks!

  9. Hi Everyone, Thank you so much for participating. I will pick the winners and send You the link to download the pattern. However, as it’s still on the testing period, change, will be added later on if need to. So, You might consider to print out when it’s done or print it again.

    If You are the chosen ones for this pattern, You will receive an email from me tonight. And if You are not this time. You can access the free written pattern here (non-downloadable) or purchase on my pattern shops.

    Thank you so much for each and every one of You.
    Join our new Facebook group

  10. Hi Maya, I am a very experienced crocheter (50=+ years). I am a writer/copy editor. I test patterns, proof read, and edit for several designers. I would love to test these lovely socks, as well as other patterns you might design. I sell my designs in a lovely shop in my town, so stay pretty busy, but would definitely make time to test your pattern. Your work is beautiful.

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