Heart opening

Crochet Podcast Episode 2

Yesterday, while I was clearing up my space where all my yarns and the finished pieces sleeping in my treasure box. I have found this Fairy shrug in there!

So I have a fun idea to put it on and take some photos outside. I immediately for in love with this piece again. I have forgotten how warm it is, in fact, I wasn’t planning to keep it for myself when I crocheted a few years ago. I remembered, I took it along in many festivals as I was selling my pieces back then and many people were interested to buy it but somehow it still with me. I guess because the price I was asking for it was high, and perhaps inside of me didn’t want to let it go and I’m glad I still have it. I actually, found out that I need to move the straps up a bit higher in order to sit gracefully on me. I talk about this piece on my crochet podcast yesterday. So perhaps, You want to check it out. Just click on the image below 😉

Hope You enjoy the podcast and let me know if You are up for my next project?

Happy crocheting!


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