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Building my real Tribe

What “Tribe” means to You?

Well, there are many definitions according to what You are referring to. For me, Tribe is simply a community, family. Where we come together and help each other to grow, either spirituality or finding our passion, learning to work with our desire and live the life we wish to experience. I don’t know if these are the same thing. Perhaps, it is. A tribe is a home! A tribe is where You feel and know in Your heart that Your peeps got Your back and You got them!

Yesterday and the day before and the day before, I was thinking about moving out from Patreon besides experiencing the un-honesty people who are not conscious enough with their action that can cost other pain, I also didn’t see any engaging with my peeps there much. I know during the holidays period we are all busy, but something in me says that I got to get out of there and creating/building my own tribe where I am, which is here on this blog. Since You guys are coming here often and why don’t we hang out here together? You know, what moves me the most? It’s when I feel the connection with my peeps! It makes me want to create more and share more with all of You. Working from home, filming, writing, posting, an image, creating content is taking a lot of time from my day, but I find so much joy doing it. For I know what I send out isn’t only bring me joy but also inspires others to live their truth and learn to work with their hands. It wasn’t that long since I started to share everything I know about crochet with people, I have seen the significant change in my environment and my own self-growth. When I say environment meaning the social media that I am engaging each day. Yeah, social media is my medium! I received everyday email, note, sometimes gift right at my door, encouraging words from You that I am bringing light and inspiration to Your life. I want You to know that You have given me the same my love! Your support is the fuel for me to continue to share my gift with the world. Your words are like water that makes the seed in me sprout. Your desire for more, keep me up at night to weave the dream threads into reality. For I know, You are the voice of an Angel, the whisper from the Universe. You teach me how to create and I am giving back to You all I have created. For nothing belongs to me, although, I am still in this body which I love dearly. Living on this Earth, eating the food, drinking water, buying organic vegetables. I am not ashamed to ask for the support from those who are ready to water on to this seed in me because when it grows we all can taste the fruits, we all can enjoy the scent, we all can learn.

So I create this monthly written pattern subscription here!

What is the difference between purchasing individually from my pattern store?

The difference is that You got all written patterns through the month for a small donation! But You won’t be able to choose what will come in the package and I find that it’s beautiful! Because You are doing this not only it’s cheaper for You to get all of my patterns, but You are doing this because You want to grow the trust between us. You are practicing trusting in me and the unknown. I like that! I am learning and practicing this myself. And the deeper I dive, the higher I rise.

Are You with me? If so, click here darling and learn more about this project and help me build the strong and powerful community.

But if You are not ready for such jump! What You can do to help our community is simply engaging with me here, find me in all medium (social media). Commenting on my post and share with me Your thoughts and feeling about life, love, passion, desire, inspiration, muse, fairy! Sending me the testimonials of the experience You got from my written pattern or video tutorial, including me in Your prayer all these little things make such a difference in my life. And before You know it, all the good vibes we are creating here together will rise rise and rise. And this is how You help me to create a TRIBE! 💓💓💓

I hope You find this post inspiring and again share this post in all of Your social media so my words can be heard.

I see You next time with a free version of Snow Kiss Sweater part2 or You can already purchase the downloadable version of the written pattern which comes with the videos tutorial here or donates for a monthly written pattern and access everything for a small donation fee here!

Have a relaxing weekend! 🌸🌸🌸


Oh! I just remember that I am running the GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page! So checking out love! 🌸🌸🌸

4 thoughts on “Building my real Tribe

  1. You are truly a inspiration to me Maya! Continue your beautiful process making masterpiece crochet creation. I thought you’d be pleased to know I’m going to be making your mini skirt romper from your summer collection for my soon arriving baby girl. I knew I wanted to make it since i found out i was pregnant. You have been a true blessing to me and my creative growth.Thanks again!

    1. Hi Brittney, Thank you for letting me know and congratulation for Your baby girl to come soon to our earth. If You want, You can take part of our crochet journey on Facebook and post the photo of the piece(s) You make from my design. I would really love to see it.
      Much love to You 😉

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